Winter Ideas for Wedding Photoshoot

So you want to be different this year and have a winter wedding. Winter theme weddings are becoming more common now a days. This is because it brings out the “dreamy” part of the bride’s mind. Also winter wedding ideas bring in the memories of winter. If you are planning a wedding in the winter, here are some winter ideas for your photoshoot.

Your wedding pictures in winter will be special because it is your special day and not every couple get this opportunity. It is important that you capture the atmosphere of winter at the wedding site. Have the wedding photographer to take shots on the ice rink or outside having snow. Take the opportunity to get creative and try new things. Have fun trying things that you are not usually comfortable doing when you are shooting a wedding in winter.

One idea is to try to incorporate the winter theme into your wedding favors. A great way to do this is with little snowman candles. These can be given out as keepsakes or placed on each table at the reception. Another idea is to give your guests miniature vases with small snowflakes inside of them. You can use these as place settings or place them in the centerpieces for each table.

Another winter ideas for wedding photoshoot that you could try during your photoshoot is to try a winter theme into your bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen’s tuxedos. Have them all wear their formal shirts with a little bit of a twist on the color. Think of the colors that would go well together and print them out onto black shirts. Have your photographer take some warm up photos of everyone in the group to include in your portfolio. This is another great idea for your photoshoot.

atmosphere of winter

The best way to incorporate your theme into your wedding photography is to do so while you are shooting your wedding day photographs. As you are shooting the ceremony and the reception, ask your photographer to focus on a nice shot of your winter theme items like the tree and your snowman candles. Then while you are taking your group photos switch over to your winter theme images.

Have your photographer take these same type of shots at different times of the year and have your photo overall package include winter photos from all of these different times. It will make your client feel like you really did spend time planning for the winter wedding theme.