What Flowers Should Not Be in a Wedding Bouquet?

Wedding flowers are very important to your bridal flower bouquet. Flowers play a significant role in the ceremony and reception. A bridal bouquet cannot be simply anything; it should represent you, your interests, and your desires for your marriage. But what are some of the worst wedding flowers?

The color of the flower matters. Do you want your wedding flower bouquet to have a worst wedding flowers or one that is a bit more subtle? Some colors can make certain occasions uncomfortable, for example, bright red flowers may cause a bride’s skin to break out in an allergic reaction. The same goes for yellow and orange flowers, they are often associated with weddings that are held in the hot summer months.

The size of the flowers also matters. A wedding bouquet should not be too large or too small. As much as possible, you want to choose flowers that are big and impressive. However, the bridal flower bouquet is not a place where you can slack off on the size. The bouquet has a specific purpose: to enhance the beauty of the woman carrying it.


The type of flowers that you choose to have in your wedding flowers is also important. Do you want open-flower bouquets, or do you prefer closed flowers? These are important points to consider when selecting your wedding flowers. While the general idea is that a bouquet of open-flowing flowers is more dramatic, each arrangement has its own particular qualities. For instance, roses are typically open-flowing but there are various shapes (oblong, round, tear drop, etc.) that are open-flower but have their own strong characters.

The most important thing to remember when choosing the flowers for your bouquet is that you want to make sure they fit the occasion. If your bouquet is supposed to compliment the bride’s dress, then you want to choose flowers that will also compliment the color of the dress. On the other hand, if the bouquet is an accessory to the main flower, such as a rose, then you may be more concerned about how bright or pretty the flower is, and less about whether or not the arrangement looks good.

Your wedding flowers should be a joy to find and look at. They will add color and beauty to any reception or ceremony. If you are unsure as to what flowers should not be in a wedding bouquet, ask a few local florists or visit some online flower shops. You will be able to get great ideas that you can incorporate into your own wedding bouquet. Happy searching!