How Dehydration Impacts Your Hair – What You Should Know About This Common Problem

How Dehydration Impacts Your Hair – What You Should Know About This Common Problem

Did you know that dehydration impacts the health of your hair? The skin on your head is made up of the most precious of all organs, and as such it needs nourishment just like every other organ in your body. The reason why this applies to your hair is because it is one of the few places that is usually visible, and it has to constantly work to prevent the growth of new, healthy cells that would otherwise be lost. It therefore makes sense that if there is a decrease in blood supply to the scalp, your hair will be affected.

loss of water

There are a variety of different reasons why dehydration affects your hair, and there is even more of a direct relationship between dehydration and hair loss. For instance, when you experience a sudden bout of diarrhea or severe vomiting, you may temporarily lose a lot of water from your body, causing your hair to become dry and brittle. This dryness is actually a symptom of the rapid loss of water through vomiting or diarrhea.

Once your body replenishes the water it had lost, your hair will grow back faster due to the fact that your roots receive the same amount of nutrition they would have received had you not experienced any water loss. While most people only experience this type of dehydration on occasion, you can actually use this phenomenon to prevent hair loss by drinking plenty of water to replace what you might have lost.

While it is true that you cannot stop hair loss due to dehydration, you can prevent it from becoming worse by eating a healthy diet and by taking supplements that help maintain healthy levels of blood in your body. These simple steps can go a long way towards keeping your hair strong and healthy. If you find that you are prone to losing hair rapidly due to various factors, you should definitely learn more about how dehydration impacts your hair, as this can help you prevent further damage.