Whats to Come…

I am sad that this wedding season is coming to a halt, but I am also over joyed that I get to begin planning for my weddings to come! I am falling in love with so many new styles that I have to share them with you so you are able to see what I inspire to do this year. Right now, I am obsessed…and I mean OBSESSED! with blushes, corals, and nudes. Something about the simplicity of the colors and how much it complements each wedding, makes them amazing floral colors. I have been pinning like a mad person and wish to show you some of my favorite new pins! If you would like to follow me on pinterest so you can see all of my boards, click here. I have decided that I want my flower blog to not only be about flowers, but all the other wonderful crafts I have come across in the past couple of months. With my baby (who is no longer really a baby…) turning two in a month, I am going crazy with DIY projects! So I thought I would show some of them with you as well so I can share the madness :) your very welcome. So! Keep an eye out for more blog posts to come that you may find fun and handy :) lots and lots of ♥