Arianna+Jake Sneak Peek


One of the favorite parts of my jobs is the relationships I build. I have meet so many amazing vendors and beautiful couples over the years. Arianna and Jake are one of those couples. When I first meet Arianna, she was so full of life and had a constant smile on her face. Her joy and enthusiasm was infectious and I had such a blast planning with her!! When I saw some of the images that Sarah Kathleen posted, I couldn’t help but share them! You can see what a fun and silly couple they are in each photo. Sarah perfectly captured every moment and I am so excited to see the rest of the photos!


Here is Sarah’s Blog post of Jake and Arianna’s big day:


| Venue: The Kaleidoscope Inn | Makeup: Jenn Hix | Hair: Shantee Bishop |
| Florals: Blissful Blossoms | Catering: Old San Luis BBQ | Video: Cameron MacTavish |

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First things first, this wedding BLEW MY MIND!! Kerry and Michael were one of the sweetest couples to work with and they had some of the most wonderful wedding vendors. When I first met with them, I could tell that they were just so excited to share this special moment with their families and friends. They both couldn’t stop smiling the whole planning process–it made working with them so special. My friend Blake from SLOtography (he is amazing btw–go check him out) took some of the most AMAZING photos of their special day and I just had to share!

Congrats Kerry and Michael!! I wish you both many happy happy years!!

Vendor List:

Photography: SLOtography

Bridal Prep: The Cliffs Resort

Grooms Prep: Spreafico Farms Ranch

Ceremony: Mission ~ San Luis Obispo

Reception: San Luis Obispo Country Club

Video: Zachary Ayers

DJ/MC/: Kramer Events

Bridal Hair + Makeup: Faces a la Mode

Cake: Cake Cathedral

Transportation: SLO Safe Ride

Them-Godrays Kimonos-Mimosas That-Yellow-Aesthetic One-Big-Bouquet Pink-Bridesmaids Glowing-Boutteniere A-Few-Good-Men Blowing-Bouquet Very-Happy-Bridesmaids Hanging-Out-by-the-Bluffs Charlies-Angels Here-Come-the-Kids That-Passionate-Kiss Leaving-the-Mission Reception-Floral-Details Just-Married-at-the-Mission Newlyweds-Under-Oak Dat-Light-Leak Mr-and-Mrs-Table Colorful-Bouquet-Closeup Post-Dance-Smooches Embrace-Among-the-Rays Flinging-Bouquets Cake-Fight


Bridal Bouquets: the brutal truth

blog pic

I have every bride tell me what her ideal bridal bouquet looks like. I ask them about its shape, color and even texture. After they tell me, I tell them how much that “perfect bouquet” is going to cost. At this point I usually get that–deer in the headlights–look. It is not common knowledge to know how much a peony is per stem. That is why brides hire me to guide them in the way of selecting the perfect flowers for their wedding style and their wallet. This article that I found on Snippet & Ink perfectly shows what you will need to expect when selecting your bouquet! Check it out!

Florals by: Twig and Twine

Howdy Strangers!

My oh my! It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here! I guess I have A LOT to catch you up on! I have been so busy lately with work, my daughter and of course, weddings! I love having an active schedule but things like posting to my blog and updating my website seems to fall through the cracks. So, I have re-organized my life and now am doing a “tune up” on Blissful Blossoms.

IMG_1245I am going to do something a little different for this post. I am going to get personal! (so serious…the pressure is on!) I had a wonderful opportunity a few months ago to purchase a flower shop here in town. Now, as most of you know I do not do flowers full time. I mostly do weddings and special orders on the side of working full time at an eye doctor’s office. So when this opportunity presented itself to me, I immediately responded. My mind began creating this perfect world where I would own a shop and be surrounded by flowers all day, every day! But, somethings are meant to happen at a certain time. The news of not getting the shop was devastating. I felt as though my dreams had been crushed. Then one day (and a whole carton of Ben and Jerry’s later) I realized that I am still capable of doing what I love to do! It may not mean flowers all day everyday, but I get to experience that every once in a while and that was ok with me.

kelsea_holder_southern_wedding060-1Do you ever look around your house and think, “Something needs to change.” I had one of the Ah-Ha moments but instead of redecorating my home, I am redecorating my business. Flowers have always been a special part of my life. I love getting into the groove of a wedding and just relaxing in a room filled with luscious flowers. But, I have other responsibilities as well. My daughter Peyton will be turning 4 in December (I just had a mini panic attack! They grow so fast!) I also work full time so I am able to provide for her and buy her cute little outfits.

😉 But I have found that with these other responsibilities, I have put my business on the back burner. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. But now that my little one is in school and I have a good grip on my job, I don’t see why I should limit something that brings me such joy. That’s when I decided NO MORE!! I am going to go full force with my business because it is what I love! Blissful Blossoms is getting a face life (and by the look of my old blog posts, it needed it…bad).

Screenshot_2013-09-12-11-01-48-1-1Blissful Blossoms is getting a new name! Nothing too drastic but enough to give you all a heads up about it. Blissful Blossoms will now be known as Blissful Blooms Floral Design. Yes, I know. I only changed one word and I pretty much abbreviated it. Hey, its’ called baby steps for a reason. Over the last two years I have been involved in many weddings and many promotional shoots. I am going to do my best to make a weekly blog post. It is a lot to promise, but I can promise that I will do my best to keep up with everything.

In conclusion, Blissful Blooms is reinventing itself! A whole new style, a whole new look. I am excited to share with you new promotions I have planned and all of the work I have done the past two years. Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogspot (every possible social media there is) to keep updated with the latest happenings at Blissful Blossoms!


Whats to Come…

I am sad that this wedding season is coming to a halt, but I am also over joyed that I get to begin planning for my weddings to come! I am falling in love with so many new styles that I have to share them with you so you are able to see what I inspire to do this year. Right now, I am obsessed…and I mean OBSESSED! with blushes, corals, and nudes. Something about the simplicity of the colors and how much it complements each wedding, makes them amazing floral colors. I have been pinning like a mad person and wish to show you some of my favorite new pins! If you would like to follow me on pinterest so you can see all of my boards, click here. I have decided that I want my flower blog to not only be about flowers, but all the other wonderful crafts I have come across in the past couple of months. With my baby (who is no longer really a baby…) turning two in a month, I am going crazy with DIY projects! So I thought I would show some of them with you as well so I can share the madness :) your very welcome. So! Keep an eye out for more blog posts to come that you may find fun and handy :) lots and lots of ♥



Wedding Season 2011

I have had such an amazing time with all of my couples and their special days this year! It was so fulfilling to experience each couples special touch and to be a part of it. I want to thank all of you for your support and for making this year truly spectacular! With this wedding season coming to an end I am starting to have more time to catch every one up on everything I am doing. So here are some of the highlights from some of this years weddings! Thank you for everyone who contributed! ♥ BB


Photography Credits: Kristen Renee, Chelsea Cutler